Reseed Africa


Mozambique was at one time 75% forested. L: Deforestation is rampant in Mozambique – often do to slash & burn and illegal logging (as seen here in an aerial photo taken in June 2011). R: An aerial photo of the Mezimbite Forest Centre, an area that once was deforested. This shows sixteen years of regrowth. Note the road towards the upper right of photo separates Mezimbite from the surrounding land that is deforested, giving you an idea of what a little planting and care will do. Photo taken by: Summer Rayne Oakes, June 2011.

Currently the Mezimbite Forest Centre is the largest planter of trees in Mozambique and second largest employer in the area. Through the Centre’s Reseed Africa Program, trees are replanted in nearly a dozen sustainable forestry initiatives throughout the country Рand is currently looking to expand both in Mozambique and other countries. This not only creates a healthy, viable ecosystem and offsets the carbon from the business operations, but offers employment and food for the local inhabitants.