Our Forests

Situated in what was once the heart of the Miombo Biome, the Mezimbite Forest Centre consists of 207 hectares located Northwest of Dondo in the Sofala Province of Mozambique.

The Miombo Biome is a critical eco-region covering an estimated area of 2.7 million km2 in areas of sub-Saharan Africa. The biome is rich in noble hardwoods that are rapidly being depleted by illegal logging, slash and burn, and firewood and charcoal. Currently 75 percent of the Miombo Biome in Mozambique has been depleted at a rate of approximately 120MN trees/year. Enrichment planting and management is necessary if the ecosystem and its inhabitants are to survive.

The Biome is blessed with some of the most remarkable hardwoods. Some of the trees that we work with and plant include, Pau Preto, Mopane, Chanfuto, Panga Panga, Umbawa, Matacha, Songololo, Chacate, Tamboti, Mondzo and many more.

Agroforesty – or the intercropping of nutritious agricultural food crops with high-value or nitrogen-fixing trees – is of critical importance to Mezimbite’s day-to-day activities. All workers learn how to properly grow nutritious food and care for the land through responsible farming and management. All workers enjoy a freshly-harvested and cooked meal from one of Mezimbite’s many farms.