How We Work

Mezimbite understands that the first step to conservation is instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility. That is why we work tirelessly with the local people in community-owned forests to not only help them understand the immediate and long-term value of their local resources – but to help them establish the necessary infrastructure and skills to protect and draw benefits from those resources in a sustainable way.

Here are the five steps we take in order to make a difference through our work:

Know the forest

We run nurseries to replant native trees, restore forests and help feed people.

Add value

We design and establish businesses on site that provide the highest value product or service out of the forest’s resources with the utmost environmental integrity.

Train, educate and employ

We train, educate and provide economic opportunities for members of the local community.


We sell our heirloom products and services locally first and then into the global marketplace.

Give back

We invest back into the community by doing Steps 1-4.